Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris, is a Scottish musician, DJ, producer and songwriter. Born in 1984 as Adam Wiles, he changed his name to Calvin Harris for his music career.

Calvin Harris was born in Dumfries, Scotland and after leaving high school he worked odd jobs in a supermarket and a fish processing factory. He worked these jobs so that someday he could afford the DJ equipment he needed to begin his music career.

At 18 Harris released two songs and then moved to London to learn from the thriving music scene there. He only realised one song while living in London and eventually he was forced to return to Dumfries due to a lack of jobs and money.

Once In Dumfries again he began posting homemade singles on his Myspace page, which gained enough popularity to garner attention from a music manager who had recently started his own firm, Calvin Harris became his first signing.

Harris’ first album was released in 2007, “I Created Disco” he had worked on it for a year. Each track on the album was written, produced and performed by Harris alone. It reached number 8 on the UK Albums Charts.

The same year, Kylie Minogue heard Harris’ songs, which led her to collaborate with him, co-writing and producing two songs for her album X.

The following year, Harris’ collaboration with rapper Dizzee Rascal, “Dance wiv Me” reached number one in the UK.

In 2009, “Ready for the Weekend,” Harris’ second album was released. Three of the 14 songs reached the top 20 in the UK, and “I’m Not Alone” debuted at number one on the charts.
Harris’ success continued with many recognisable singles such as “We Found Love”, “This Is What You Came For”, “Summer” and “Feel So Close”. Possibly the most famous song is “We Found Love”, his collaboration with Rihanna.

He is working on his 6th album currently, his music has transitioned into Funk style and cites Jamiroquai and Fatboy Slim as inspirations. He is active in charity work, raising money for causes such as Product Red, an anti-AIDS charity, Shelter, which looks to end homelessness in Scotland and after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting he donated to the Vegas Victims Fund.

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