Toni Kroos: not only a football player

Toni Kroos won a lot of titles in his football career and did not become a famous football player in Germany only.

Toni Kroos was born on 04.01.1990 in Greifswald in Germany. He played in a club in this city since he was seven years old with his younger brother and his father as his trainer. Later he would be discovered by the big club “FC Bayern München”.

For 17 years he played for the professional team in this club. In 2014 he changed the club to “Real Madrid” and is there still. Also, in 2014 he won the World Cup with the German National Team. This was one of the most important years for him since he is also known outside of Germany.

But he is not only a football player because in 2015 he founded the “Toni Kroos foundation”. It is a foundation that is helping critically ill children, teens and their families. For example, the foundation pays the therapy for the children and makes some beautiful moments for the families possible.

For collecting the money, he does a lot of things. For example, he sold his worn World Cup final jersey and got for it 31.099 Euros for the foundation. But he also found support from other prominent people from Germany.

I think Toni Kroos is a good example of what you can do for people that need help and how to deal with responsibility. He is not only a football player he is also a man that do a lot for children and their families in Germany.

My name is Lena and I am 19 years old. I live in a small village in the west of Germany and before starting my EVS I finished my high school.

Lena Züll
Student’s Union German Volunteer

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