My hometown Vaduz is really different from Funchal

I live in the capital city of Liechtenstein, a town called Vaduz. Liechtenstein itself is smaller than Madeira and Vaduz is also a lot smaller than Funchal. Vaduz has about 5,500 inhabitants and Funchal has got about 110,000. Similarities are hard to find because the towns’ size is very different and because of the climate. Funchal is located near the ocean with a lot of humidity and it’s always very warm. Vaduz is a lot colder and it also rains a lot there and it’s not humid at all.

But there are also similarities between tourism and the university. A big part of Vaduz is tourism.

There are a lot of tourists arriving in Vaduz from all over the world like in Funchal. Vaduz is the town where our only university in the country is located and the university of Madeira is also located in Funchal.

We don’t have a lot of bars and clubs, also not many supermarkets and not even the same currency.

The biggest similarities are tourism and that they both have a university.

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Livia Schadler
Students’ Union Liechtensteiner Volunteer