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My first month in paradise

The island has been excellent, the people are beautiful, the job has been amazing and I don’t have enough words to describe the other things.

I had some expectations of my first month here but it was even better than I had expected.

This project has been an opportunity to learn about the history of Madeira, the history of Portugal and the different cultures and costumes of this country and the countries of the people who have been around me during this time.

I was in beautiful places with my colleagues. I was in museums, parks and beaches, where I saw beautiful places and learned interesting things.

Regarding my job it has been interesting because I’m a lover of history and here I have a lot of this to enjoy. Regarding my bosses, I have a special feeling about them because they’ve been there all the time during my process and they really show you that they’re interested in making your stay here an unforgettable experience.

I also have to say that they show a special interest in your health and your welfare. For example, this month I, unfortunately, stepped on a sea urchin and they were quick to act and sent me to the hospital, in spite of it not being very serious. I know that I’m in good hands.

I also have been lucky with my mentor because he is very polite and he also speaks my language, which has been very helpful. Considering that two of my bosses also speak my language and although the other ones don’t speak it, it hasn’t caused any problems. In fact, in that field, I haven’t had any problems with my parents or with the people who are around me, because they are very patient and we can communicate between us.

I started the Portuguese course this month and I can already see progress. It’s very good, my expectations about this are positive and regarding it, the people around me have offered me their help.

In the residence, everyone has been polite, and even I have been able to form friendships with some of them. This month I have had the opportunity of being closer to them and sharing with them special moments, which has been the best part of my experience.

Between the lovely people and beautiful places, I will end my monthly article, but before ending it, I’ll say that I am hoping for more in the next month, a month which more likely will surprise me with wonderful things.

Andrés Espinosa
Students’ Union Spanish Volunteer

Project co-financed by ERASMUS+.