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Together we can do better!

In May, the call for European elections is opening and all European citizens are needed to express their desire to get involved in politics.

These are not simple elections, this is an international event in which we are involved as protagonists because the future of the European Union depends on us.

The EU is experiencing a moment of crisis due to the national political transformations that are happening, the international emergency related to the migratory fluxes that are occurring and the lack of common intents between the countries that constitute the monetary and economic union.

The number of populist parties that are rising in power in national contexts is increasing as a result of the boom in nationalism, economic autarky and political distrust.

The aim of these parties is a counter-trend compared to the objectives of the EU, which can be summarised in the motto “United in diversity”. The hardest challenge that the European Union faces is promoting and convincing the European public to support its intent in order to transform the EU from an agglomeration of National States into the “United States of Europe”.

This does not mean reducing the constitutional power that the single States have, but legislating common agreements.

In contrast, in Italy, even if the parties that are governing are Eurosceptic, they nevertheless complain about their indifference to the EU, for example concerning problems such as immigration. Due to this lack of concern and willingness to share the problem and help to solve it, Italy is not supporting the aims of the European project.

Moreover, unfortunately, the values that powerful parties are promoting do not allow the sense of belonging to a common European Union to grow.

However, my expectations of the EU’s fate are encouraged by the experiences I am living, and by staying in contact with my Erasmus generation. The Evs project in Madeira and an Erasmus exchange through my university have enabled me to recognise the importance of bringing young people together from different projects across Europe. We are the future and what we are being shown, is that together we can do better.

Autor: Cristina Demuro, 22 years and Italian. I am a globetrotter and a student of International and Diplomatic Science. I believe that “your vibe attracts your tribe”, that’s why I am in love with nature, animals and my friends!

Project co-financed by ERASMUS+.

Cristina Demuro
Students’ Union Italian Volunteer