From the countryside in the middle of Poland to Funchal

At the first glance, it is hard to believe that my home and Funchal have anything in common.

The place where I come from is located in the centre of Poland. It is a peaceful countryside town where days pass slowly. There is neither a river nor a lake. Unlike Funchal, which is surrounded by waves of the Atlantic Ocean. No doubt Funchal and the whole of Madeira have unbelievably varied and beautiful flora. Much more diversified than the flora in my countryside. Nevertheless, forests remind me of my countryside. Especially during the Levada walks, I have peace and relaxation.

Another similarity is the hospitality of local people. Their kindness and willingness to help others bring to my mind my family and friends who wish me well. Both, the Portuguese and Polish respect and preserve their history, which is a part of their national identity and it constitutes a precious value for them. They, try to protect and maintain their national heritage by sharing historical knowledge among themselves and tourists. The idea of History Tellers is the best example of that. People from my countryside also take care of history.

All these things above make Funchal and my home slightly similar.

Magdalena Zawadzka
Students’ Union Polish Volunteer