What to bring? Useful gadgets for your stay in Madeira!

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I just FORGOT I´ll be on the same level as Morocco and unfortunately I bought a cream with UV 30. The effect? After my first sunbathing my skin was burned. So remember: cream with UV 50!

Before my arrival in Madeira, I searched on google for some information about the climate on the island to prepare the appropriate clothing and footwear.

When I was preparing my suitcase I was thinking this way: in Madeira is an ocean and mountains, so I have to be prepared for sunbathing and hiking. I will work as a guide, so I need comfortable shoes and sun cream. Yeah, sun cream… Definitely need to get a cream with a high filter, like UV 50.

Actually, after a while of being here I know what really means “must-have” on Madeira. Extremely important are gadgets that make life easier, such as:

1) Bottle of water
Here is almost every day warm. Sometimes super-warm. You need to drink water. Water is good for your health. Many of us, volunteers have a special bottle for water. It´s very useful, especially when you are a guide and you walk with tourists in full sunshine.

2) Swimming shoes
Here we have only a few beaches with sand. Most beaches are covered with pebbles and gravel. Hint? Invest in swimming shoes. Trust me, your feet will be grateful.

3) Quick drying towel
For sunbathing time or just sitting in a park, a very useful is a quick-drying towel, because is light and does not take up much space in your bag- is with me almost every day.

4) Reusable plastic cutlery and lunch box
It´s perfect for hiking/camping/picnic/time for a break. Eating outside is expensive and not really healthy. Buy some fruits (here is a lot very delicious fruits!) or cook something nice at home and take with you. Live simple!

Beata Rymkiewicz

Students’ Union Polish Volunteer

Project co-financed by ERASMUS+.