A University based in a Central European city

The Wroclaw University of Economics is not only one of the top economic schools of higher education in Poland but also an important centre of science and research. The university is located in Lower Silesia, in south-western Poland, close to the German and Czech borders.

There are more than 17 thousand students, including over 300 foreign students each academic year, more than 73 thousand graduates and over 780 academic teachers. The university has more than 120 bilateral agreements within the framework of the Erasmus Program. The Wroclaw University of Economics is divided into four faculties: Economic Sciences, Management, Information Systems and Finance, Engineering and Economics and Economy, Management and Tourism. The students have a wide variety of 100 specializations within the range of courses offered by these faculties.

The Wroclaw University of Economics is also a long-established centre of research in logistics and mathematics and in economic sciences, social sciences, management, as well as technical, biological, chemical, and agricultural sciences. Moreover, the university strongly cooperates with the business environment.

Apart from the academic and educational spheres, the university is also active in other areas. The professional staff and students are involved in numerous, local initiatives, for instance, the Lower Silesian Festival of Science or the European Club of Labour and Business of the Wroclaw Agglomeration.

The priority of the university is the internationalisation of scientific research and didactic programs. Among many international partnerships, relations are educational establishments from Portugal, such as the University of Porto.

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Magdalena Zawadkza
Students’ Union Polish Volunteer